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The digital world is constantly expanding and the opportunity to reach people around the world with your content is greater than ever. Translated subtitles are an easy and affordable way to help your content reach more people in more languages. They open up an opportunity to reach new markets, provide more accessible content to current markets, and share important information across countries.

How translated subtitles impact your video

Increase the number of views

Expand your video’s audience

Improve your keyword density

Provide accessible content to hard of hearing individuals

How to get translated subtitles using SubCaptioner

SubCaptioner provides translated subtitles for Spanish and English languages using a hybrid system of ASR technology and professional human translators. By using both, we keep our prices down and improve efficiency. For just $1.67/minute, our team provides caption translations from English-Spanish and Spanish-English with a 2 business day turnaround time.

To get started, all you need to do is contact us! Follow this link to visit our Translated Subtitles page and fill out the form to provide information about the files you would like to translate. Our team will then contact you with an invoice that includes a pricing and turnaround time estimate within the same business day.

If you need a faster turnaround time, specialized translation requirements, or have a large quantity of media to translate, let us know in the contact form.

Translated Subtitles for Educators

How can you take your learning materials to a more global audience?

Translated subtitles are an affordable way to translate the content of your educational materials. Try adding translated subtitles to your online learning videos and courses to help reach more students in foreign languages. Translated subtitles can even be used as a note-taking tool to help students better comprehend the material.

Language teachers can especially benefit from using translated subtitles. For students just starting to learn a new language, translated subtitles give them extra reinforcement for new words and grammatical structures.

Translated Subtitles for Professionals

Are you looking for ways to get your media in front of more people?

Try using translated subtitles to make your media accessible across countries and languages. Not only do translated subtitles allow individuals who speak foreign languages to understand your content, but they also help search engines to crawl your content for keywords in foreign languages. That means your content can rank well in multiple languages and countries.

Translated Subtitles for Businesses

If you have a global business, translated subtitles can help you take important information to employees across countries. If your business is located in only one country, you may still have employees who speak your native language as a second language. Adding subtitles in their native language can help them to comprehend and retain important information easier, while also helping them to feel more included in the company culture.

Global businesses can use translated subtitles to send training courses, company updates, and company culture lessons to offices in various countries. This helps to keep the company message consistent and reduces the work required for recording messages in multiple languages.

Translated Subtitles for Creators

Don’t limit your market to one language when you can use translated subtitles to reach more people in more languages and countries. Whether you’re creating videos for YouTube, social media platforms such as Facebook, or for your own personal ventures, translated subtitles are an affordable way to get your unique content in more languages.

About SubCaptioner

SubCaptioner is an online closed captioning tool that provides highly accurate closed captions, transcriptions, and translated subtitles at some of the lowest prices on the market. How do we do it?

By using advanced ASR (automated speech recognition) technology.

ASR technology is no longer the future of creating closed captions, it’s the present. Our software can achieve up to 99% accuracy and takes just minutes to produce caption files. It’s the same quality as human captioners but for a much cheaper cost.

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