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online transcription service

  • Automated Transcripts & Subtitles

    $0.25/ minute

    Accurate transcriptions and subtitles delivered in just minutes by our advanced speech recognition software.

  • Automated Transcriptions

    $.25/ minute

    Generate transcription files from your audio or video.

  • Automated Subtitle Translations

    Coming soon!

    Contact us to learn more about what's coming.

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SubCaptioner is perfect for businesses, creators, professionals, & educators

Creating captions, subtitles, and transcripts is amazingly affordable and easier than you think.

  • Expand your audience
  • Increase views
  • Optimize SEO Performance
  • Improve viewer experience
  • Enhance accessibility
  • Businesses

    Businesses around the world utilize SubCaptioner to improve the impact of their videos.

  • Creators

    SubCaptioner is perfect for YouTubers, Podcasters, Course Creators, and more.

  • Professionals

    Audio and video freelancers and agencies use SubCaptioner on a daily basis.

  • Educators

    Improve the way that your students learn by adding captions and transcripts through SubCaptioner.

SubCaptioner delivers up to 99% accuracy* at a significantly lower cost than human generated captions

Our ASR technology produces your caption files in just minutes, saving you time and effort all while improving the performance of your content.

How it works

* Accuracy depends on a few variables like audio and minimal background noise. Click this link for more details.

Subcaptioner's ASR Technology - the new standard for captions, subtitles and transcripts