How to transcribe an interview faster

Are you looking for a way to transcribe an interview faster without having to do the work yourself? The best way to transcribe an interview does not require endless typing, but rather working smarter by using ASR technology.  

ASR (automatic speech recognition) technology is changing the way that people convert speech to text. Instead of writing word for word what was said during an interview, individuals can simply upload the recorded file to transcription software and receive a transcribed text file back in minutes.  

Transcription software, such as SubCaptioner, not only provides accurate transcriptions quickly, but they are also incredibly affordable. SubCaptioner radically reduces the time and effort normally associated with manual transcribing and doesn’t break the bank.  

Transcribing an interview: Manual vs. Automatic

1. Manual Transcriptions

Interview transcriptions can be created manually with the use of professional transcriptionists, but these require an individual to create the transcript by typing what said word-for-word during a live or prerecorded interview. These professionals are highly trained to decipher, type, and review transcriptions to ensure a high level of quality.  

However, professional transcriptionists are expensive and difficult to find. They also take longer to produce transcriptions.  

2. Automatic Transcription Services

Automated transcriptions are produced by transcription software that is powered by ASR technology. This technology analyzes the audio and then determines the appropriate text to match. Automated transcriptions are much more affordable than manual transcription services as ASR technology is growing and becoming more accessible to the masses at a much lower cost. It’s also much faster than manual transcription services, as it can produce a transcript in just a few minutes.   

Although automated transcriptions are typically produced with a high level of accuracy, some factors can decrease accuracy. If the audio contains various accents and dialects, loud background noise, unclear speech, or assorted noises, the transcription software may not be able to decipher the speech correctly.  

Low-quality audio would be better served by using a hybrid version of automated and manual transcription software that provides most of the transcription using automation and enables editing to correct any mistakes. This saves you precious time and money while also ensuring a high-quality final product.  

SubCaptioner Automated Transcription Service

Subcaptioner is an online, automated transcription service that uses the best of ASR technology to create accurate speech-to-text conversions quickly and at an affordable price. Many individuals use SubCaptioner to quickly get a text transcript of their recorded interviews in just minutes, without the time-consuming process of finding a professional transcriptionist. Others use SubCaptioner to create a transcription of their audio that can then be edited by a professional quickly.  

For just $0.25/minute, SubCaptioner transcribes your interviews faster.  

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