How to go viral on Instagram 

Every brand wants to make a name for themselves online.  

Using social media platforms, such as Instagram, is an affordable way to grow a community of loyal customers. Posting online and talking with followers creates a community centered around the values of your brand and customers who keep coming back. 

How can brands go viral on Instagram?  

There’s no one secret formula to going viral on a social media platform such as Instagram, but there are a few things brands can do to increase their chances.  

Simply put, to go viral on Instagram, brands need to post the right content that allows them to engage with their audience and they need to continue to post this type of content over time.  

Sound simple?  

Then why isn’t every brand going viral online?  

One mistake that many brands make is forgetting what the term “viral” means. A “viral” video or post is simply a post that has been shared a lot. For something to “go viral”, the content needs to be easy to share amongst a large audience. The message, length, and formatting of the content all contribute to how easily it can be shared amongst people.  

Another mistake commonly made is assuming that the work is done after the post is published. Relying on individuals to share, like, and comment on the post by themselves isn’t enough. Brands need to continue the conversation about the post by joining the conversation, promoting sharing across platforms, and even creating new content that links back to the original post. News stories, articles, and other posts that link to the original can give the post an exponential boost and help it to go viral through a link of shares.  

Here’s some tips and tricks for making sure your content is easily shared and able to go viral:  

  • Keep the content short 
  • Collaborate with others 
  • Have a central message people can connect to 
  • Stay active after you post 
  • Be real to your brand 
  • Keep an eye on what people are talking about 

Going viral on a platform such as Instagram doesn’t have a black and white formula, but you can increase your chances by following these tips and tricks.  

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To ensure that your content is capable of going viral, you need to ensure that your content is accessible to everyone. Consider the individuals with hearing loss who need captions to watch a video online, or the people in foreign countries who rely on translated captions to understand videos in foreign languages. Consider how 69% of people watch videos with the sound off in public places, or how 85% of videos on Facebook are watched with sound off. Captions ensure that everyone, everywhere can access your content, which expands your audience and improves your chances of creating something viral.  

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How to go viral on Instagram 

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