How businesses are using TikTok in 2023

Is your business using TikTok? 

Over 225,000 businesses are using TikTok to promote their brand and connect with their audience. These businesses are taking advantage of the platform’s short, natural, and relatable video sharing focus that matches their content with an interested audience. The exposure potential for businesses is high with TikTok. You don’t have to be famous to have a video go viral, thanks to an algorithm that makes it easy for good videos to spread far and wide no matter how popular the creator is. TikTok also makes it easy to connect across social networking platforms so businesses can easily distribute content in the same campaign.  

What businesses should know about TikTok

Benefits of TikTok for businesses

Businesses are joining TikTok because of the benefits it offers to their brand and to their sales. With over 1 billion users worldwide, TikTok offers businesses a large group of potential customers that can be targeted at just the cost of creating a short-form video. Having a large group of people at your fingertips offers businesses the chance to increase their brand exposure to new and old markets. Showcasing a brand for more than just the products it offers but also the ethos of the business is easy to do with TikTok.   

On TikTok, businesses can also reach their target audience faster and more directly. With so many people using the app daily and consistently throughout each week, there’s always an active audience to reach with your business’ creative content.  

It’s also relatively budget-friendly to reach these individuals. Setting up a business account on TikTok is free, and the cost of creating videos depends on the business’ preferences. Videos can be created for free using free online video editing software and using internal employees as the actors or voiceovers. Of course, a business must calculate the time and cost of an employee taking the time to create videos and monitor their performance, but when compared to the cost of typical paid online marketing campaigns, TikTok ranks amongst the most affordable. 

One of the best reasons to use TikTok as a business is to stay relevant. Do you want to know what your target audience is talking about? Are you looking to understand the current events that are most important to your consumers? TikTok is a great social media platform to learn what consumers are interested in and better engage in the conversations they are a part of. 

Tips for businesses using TikTok

  • Stay up to date with the prevalent trends amongst your target audience. How can you do that? Start by checking your TikTok analytics that is provided to every business account. These analytics give you more information about your followers and what trends they’re interested in. It’s important to keep checking these analytics constantly as trends can change rapidly. 
  • Participate in widespread TikTok challenges. You may think a certain TikTok challenge doesn’t have anything to do with the products or services that your business sells, but participating in a trending challenge can showcase a more human side of your business and get your name in front of more people. 
  • Use the correct, related hashtags. Hashtags help your video to show up in searches in front of more people. To find the hashtags to use, simply type in a relevant keyword in the search section and TikTok will suggest related hashtags that are commonly searched for by users.  
  • Think more about engaging than direct selling. TikTok is a great place to create a community with current customers and potential customers by engaging in trends and conversations that they are interested in. Instead of pushing a sale constantly, push how your customers can engage with your business in a fun and new way. 
  • Use influencers and other TikTok users to create the content for you. Collaborating with influencers on the platform is a great way to get your brand name in front of a new market. Influencers have strong connections with their audience and are powerful marketers for your business. Also, consider the ways that you can encourage other TikTok users to create content relevant to your brand (through challenges and hashtags).  

Brands that are standing out on TikTok

Chipotle made its mark on TikTok by creating casual, funny videos about their restaurants while also giving an inside look into how their food is made.

GymShark is known for partnering with influencers and athletes on the platform to promote their clothing line and products, as well as offer exercise motivation to their community.

Crocs made its brand known on TikTok by partnering with celebrities to promote new designs and collaborations, as well as by creating new hashtag challenges to interact with their followers.

Duolingo uses its mascot, the owl, to recreate trending videos on TikTok and join different conversations that are popular amongst their subscribers.

Zara has done a great job collaborating with TikTok users and influencers to showcase their products and promote new campaigns.

The San Diego Zoo creates funny and interesting videos about the animals in their zoo as well as their staff’s daily tasks in taking care of the different exhibits.

Red Bull partners with extreme athletes around the world to collaborate and promote their achievements.

RyanAir creates funny and relatable videos on TikTok about traveling and the funny things that often happen with their customers.

TacoBell creates videos on TikTok showing subscribers how they can recreate popular TacoBell menu items while also collaborating with other TikTok users to show how they enjoy TacoBell.

SubCaptioner & TikTok

Are you looking for simple ways to help your videos go viral on TikTok?  

The key to helping your videos explode on the social media platform is to ensure that they are easily accessible in multiple languages, individuals with hearing loss, and individuals watching without the sound on.  

How can you do this? By adding closed captions and translated subtitles!  

TikTok provides a free, automatic captioning tool for the English language only. It’s a great solution if you’re looking to add captions without spending any extra money, but the captions aren’t always very accurate.  

For a more accurate and still affordable solution, use SubCaptioner. SubCaptioner provides automatic closed captions for just $0.25/minute with up to 99% accuracy. An SRT caption file can then be uploaded alongside your video or “burned in” using third-party software. It can also be used on other social media platforms, helping your video to reach more people across the internet. 

For translated subtitles, use our translated subtitles services to help you expand your audience. English-Spanish translation services are just $1.67/minute with fast turnaround times.  

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